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Welcome to Mattress City!

Current mattress getting in the way of a good night's sleep? Look no further than Mattress City. We sell name brand mattresses at unbeatable prices.

Sleeping on the correct mattress can dramatically improve your quality of life. Studies show that by receiving the right amount of healthy sleep, you are much more likely to maintain a healthy body weight and avoid illness. On average, we all spend nearly four months each year in bed, so it's incredibly important that you have a mattress that properly fits you. Our Sleep Specialists will help you find the right mattress for you.

How to Choose? - It's all about avoiding pressure!
When you shop for your new mattress, your primary concern is comfort. Always spend a minimum of at least five minutes on each mattress you sample to see how it conforms to your individual size, shape and needs for support. Your sleep-position will determine the pressure-points where your body weight is distributed. Different materials and construction types will handle these pressure points in different ways, but bottom-line, if a mattress doesn't provide the proper support, it won't feel good after a few minutes, and that means you won't sleep well.

The other thing to keep in mind is- many mattress stores use pressure sales tactics. Your mattress selection should never be a question of what's on sale or which model is in-stock. At Mattress City our Sleep Specialists understand the importance of your decision and they have all the training and resources to help you. Mattress City carries all the latest models from all of the best brands like Serta, Icomfort, Tempur-Pedic, Paula Deen, Vera Wang, Southerland, so when you find the perfect mattress set, you can rest easy.

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